The Vistra Simulator

With 35 countries launching Vistra over the next five years, the product's brand leadership faced a daunting challenge: ensuring that company stakeholders could confidently articulate the brand's value proposition.

Enspektos recommended a novel solution: a simulation of an interaction with a brand-critcal key opinion leader (KOL). This engaging and entertaining simulation educates affiliates on the brand, while preparing them to communicate its value and address common objections to Vistra. In this simulation, the KOL is interested in learning about Vistra, but is not yet convinced of its value.

To make the simulation as realistic as possible and to increase its replay value, Enspektos incorporated a number of novel technologies into it, including:

  • Personality Engine: Enspektos developed a personality engine to provide users with different KOLs depending on their market segment (Individual/Population).

  • Question Generator: Enspektos developed a program to provide users with a random series of questions relevant to their market segment. Each KOL has a different personality and is interested in learning about different aspects of Vistra's product profile. As a result, each physician responds differently to user actions.

Click here to access a demo of the Vistra Simulator, which we co-developed with our partner Mindbuilder. (Please Note: The simulator is best viewed in Safari or Internet Explorer.)